Group Tasting

Guidelines for Groups

Bear Pond Winery, one of six members of the Cooperstown Beverage Trail, located in Oneonta, New York, attracts thousands of visitors annually. Some of these visitors arrive by limousine or bus groups/tours. Bear Pond Winery has compiled a list of our policy guidelines which are intended to ensure our winery, tour operators and other event organizers have a clear understanding of our expectations while visiting the winery and Cooperstown Beverage Trail. Our policy was created with the anticipation of creating a pleasant and enjoyable wine tasting experience for our mutual customers while also keeping safety in mind.

  • Please call ahead and notify a staff member of your visit as soon as possible. At least 2 weeks’ notice is ideal. With ample notification, we can make necessary arrangements to guarantee an enjoyable tasting experience and environment for your group while ensuring sufficient staff is available to assist.
  • During the course of the day, it would be ideal to have continuous contact informing the winery of the party’s progression with the day’s events. If for whatever reason the party is NOT on schedule, please notify the winery immediately of an expected arrival time.
  • The winery and tasting room is open daily from 10:00am until 7:00pm. Depending on the season, the winery may recommend a weekday visit or early morning visit. It is also possible to make special arrangements before or after hours to accommodate your group. Please call the winery to make such arrangements.
  • Remember to purchase the wines you enjoyed while visiting Bear Pond Winery. Only a few select Bear Pond wines can be found at local businesses. To make sure you get to enjoy your favorite bottle again, remember to pick them up while you visit.

Tasting Room Etiquette

Bear Pond Winery works toward creating a welcoming environment and an enjoyable wine tasting experience for all of our visitors. Please help us to remind our customers of the following expectations:

  • We ask our visitors to refrain from using inappropriate and vulgar language.
  • The winery asks that visitors keep their voices down and to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
  • Alcohol from other wineries and breweries are not permitted in the building. Please leave beer, wine and other spirits in the vehicle you arrived in.
  • It is illegal to serve those that are under the legal age of alcohol consumption. Those that are asked for identification and are unable/refuse to produce a form of photo ID will not be served.
  • It is illegal to serve those that are visibly drunk.

Additional Information for Tour Operators and Event Organizers

Parking can become limited at the winery. We ask that larger vehicles park on the far ends of the parking lot to prevent congestion in the parking areas.

Bear Pond Winery looks forward to working alongside your company to provide optimal customer service for our mutual guests. We have provided our contact information below as well as phone numbers of the other members of the Cooperstown Beverage Trial for your convenience.

  • Bear Pond Winery (607) 643-0294 x0
  • Cooperstown Brewing Company 1-877-FINEALE
  • Brewery Ommegang 1-800-544-1800
  • Fly Creek Cider Mill (607) 547-9692
  • Rustic Ridge Winery (607) 965-0626
  • Butternuts Beer & Ale (607) 263-5070