Meet the Owners

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Mark & Brenda Lebo

Mark & Brenda are both from southern states; Brenda being from Florida & Mark from Mississippi, with both winding up in Alaska. Mark’s father served in the Air Force settling in North Pole, Alaska in 1980. Brenda’s father retiring early from law enforcement relocating to Galena, Alaska in 1990. Mark & Brenda met through a mutual friend in 1994. A year later, moved to the Chicagoland area living in Joliet, Illinois. Mark was working in automotive paint sales in 2002 with the Sherwin Williams Company and was promoted & transferred to the Northeast region. Having a large area to choose from, it was decided that Milford, NY was a nice area with a similar feel to Alaska only on a much smaller scale. Brenda found a career in the business office at Springbrook where she is still employed today.

On December 17, 2004, due to restructuring it was decided that Mark’s services were no longer needed with his employer and he was let go. Deciding that being at someone else’s mercy for employment, Mark sought out a self-employment opportunity. Bear Pond Winery was calling to him. After long discussions it became apparent that purchasing the winery was a great fit.

In May 2005 the deal was done. At that time, the winery did not have any wine in production. That soon changed with the first fermentation run of 6 – 60 gallon barrels. This venture showed that the winery needed more space and soon the “warehouse” was added. Along with more space came larger stainless steel fermenters. With more capacity for production meant more bottles to fill. After a year of hand bottling 36,000 bottles of wine, it was the automated bottler that was needed. Now, wine is in some stage of production year around with new wines being released each year.

Both Mark and Brenda can be found most any day at the winery working along side there frendly staff.